from 504 to IEP–Success Today!

Success! I called a 504 meeting and convinced the team to reevaluate Spider-Man (who has ADHD and anxiety)…

…even though he was just evaluated last spring!

Impossible, you say? Can’t reevaluate within a year, you say?

IDEA 2004 Regulations, 34 CFR Part 300, specifically 300.303 “Reevaluations” under b says:

“A reevaluation conducted under paragraph a of this section may occur not more than once a year, unless the parent and the public agency (school/school district) agree otherwise.”

We agreed!


“We don’t do that here.”

“Wrong answer!” That’s what our school district’s Director of Special Ed says.

Have you ever heard “We don’t do that here” at an IEP meeting? So frustrating! Don’t take “no” for an answer.

A parent at the Special Ed Advisory Committee (SEAC) meeting suggested a great response. This should work at any school in any district. Respond by saying:

“Okay, but please provide in writing the policy or procedure that supports you in saying that.”

Do you have a SEAC in your school district?